Too Old To Model

Am I Too Old To Have A Sexy Photoshoot?

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Thinking Of Booking A Sexy Photoshoot But Not Sure If It's For You?

A common misconception some women have is that there is a age limit by which they are no longer allowed to be sexy or perhaps showcase their sexiness through photos. 'Surely, I can’t be sexy now that I’m married or a mum’ is one of the comments I receive daily.

If you’re considering booking your sexy photoshoot but worried about being 'too old', here are just a few reasons why you should do it-

You Definitely Need One

Studio Glamour Photographer

If the above narrative is how you feel, then you definitely need a sexy photoshoot. By putting yourself through what might feel alien, you will no doubt feel more empowered once you’ve gone through the process and seen the positive result.


Studio Glamour Photographer

It’s not just about the photoshoot, the pampering makeover session offered is aimed to make you look and feel your best. You might not be used to having your make up done like the women you see in magazines or on TV, that’s where the skills of a professional make-up artist comes to play. Both hair and facial makeovers are inclusive in all packages offered.

Great Direction

Studio Glamour Photographer

Worried about how to pose or feeling awkward? No need to! All your poses will be guided by myself (a glamour photographer with over 10yrs+ experience of working with women of various ages and modelling abilities), so you can be rest assured you’ll be in capable hands.

Spice Things Up

Studio Glamour Photographer

Isn’t it time your partner saw your sexy side again? So why not surprise your partner with your own set of sexy photos? You will be pleasantly amazed by what such gesture could lead to if your intention is to spice things up at home! Your photos could also be a great gift idea to celebrate your partners birthday or anniversaries.

Time For Retail Therapy

Studio Glamour Photographer

Every now and then, you should give yourself a reason to splash out on some sexy lingerie. What better way to showcase these new buys than with a sexy photoshoot? "Give a girl the right shoe underwear and she can conquer the world"!

Confidence Boost

Studio Glamour Photographer

You will be so proud of your picture you won’t be able to resist the urge to share it with a friend or even post them on your social media. The sheer amount of compliments you will receive will go a long way to boost your confidence - guaranteed!

Celebrities Love It

If it’s good enough for Madonna, JLo, Beyonce, Katie Price and the lot, then who are we to resist? Ladies, your sexiness does not have an expiry date... C E L E B R A T E I T!

Studio Glamour Photographer

Madonna @ 56

Studio Glamour Photographer

JLO @ 50

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