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OnlyFans - How To Make Easy Money | Tricks & Secrets Revealed!👇🏾

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For any aspiring or experienced glamour model, adult performer or sex worker looking to make some extra income from posting their sexy pictures or video, then OnlyFans is a platform you’d need to join. However, joining OnlyFans is only the first and perhaps the easier step, the next big challenge is how do you make a killing on it?

In early 2016, Tim Stokely (founder) realised the power of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter and how ‘fans’ interacted with their ‘idols'. A relationship that wasn’t effectively monistised at the time. The ideal was simple, why not create a website where ‘idols’ can upload more personal and intimate pictures not available on other free platforms that ‘fans’ will be willing and more than eager to pay for? And behold, OnlyFans was born!

Not surprising, the platform now has over 20million users and content creators ranging from Reality-Show Stars, Fitness Models to Adult performers.

In this post, I’d be sharing my industry experience of working directly with glamour girls who actively make £1000-£5000 every month. This has turned into a full time job for some and others are still pursuing their main interest such as modelling, cam work or escorting. Can you imagine making over a grand every month just from posting your content on OnlyFans as a side hustle?


Get ready to read the most extensive free guide online on how to make easy money on OnlyFans as a glamour or adult model! Topics discussed below include -

- How to Get Started

- Content Creation & Posting

- Getting Paid

- Marketing Tactics 101

- The No1 Secret To Retain Monthly Subscriptions

- The Do Not's

Feel free to get in touch should you need assistance with your OnlyFans or if you wish to work together.

How to Get Started

As the name suggests, OnlyFans works best by utilising the presence of your current fanbase. This could be from other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Cam sites etc. The bigger your fanbase, the better your OnlyFans will perform. Fear not if you currently have a small fanbase, as there is still great potential to make money through OnlyFans if you follow this guide.

Signing up is a very simple process. You will need to be 18yrs+ to post adult related content and have a bank account. The great news is that, you get to decide how much you want your fans to pay as monthly subscription fee (minimum $4.99). There is no maximum cap to what you can charge, however the higher your fee, the less subscribers you may have (unless you’re a celebrity). OnlyFans pays you 80% of whatever you’ve earned on a weekly basis.

Visit to create your account.

Content Creation & Posting

As a rule, you should always decide the type of content (lingerie, topless, nude, explicit etc) you wish to post online before you even start. Although you are protected to some extent by copyright laws etc, once your content is online, it can be rather difficult or almost impossible to get rid of them if someone else repost them. This rule can always be reassessed in the future to determine if you wish to post higher levels.

Other tips to consider are:

- Start Slow: Even though you may have no issues posting nudes or explicit content, you don’t want to shoot your load too early (pardon the pun). Always remember #TITG (Teasing Is The Game). Give your fans a reason to come back for more.

- Content Is Key: Your fans are your fans for a reason, they want more of you; so give them what they want. Keep feeding them with content, so they can feed you with money! This of course can become a laborious task so consider:

  • 1. Set up a date to shoot as many contents as possible. For best result, wok with a professional team of make-up artist/hair stlist, glamour photographer/videographer who will also produce eye catching content for your other platforms (e.g IG post, portfolio etc). My packages include these features as standard.
  • 2. Shoot your own daily amateur style content to showcase the real you (minimum make-up).
  • 3. Use the OnlyFans 'Schedule Post' feature to schedule your weekly post. By so doing, your fans will appreciate your daily post without you having to be glued on your OnlyFans everyday. This is ideal if you have other job or resposibilities and unable to facilitate uploading daily on your profile.
  • 4. Post snippets on other platforms such as Instagram or Twitter to direct fans to your OnlyFans for more ‘unseen content’.

Getting Paid

The primary objective of joining Onlyfans is to get paid and they do a great job at doing this. You can do these in a variety of ways:

1. Monthly Fan Subscription & Bundles (set at fixed price)

2. Pay Per View (PPV) - Content shared via OnlyFans message to your fan to pay per view.

3. Offer to create bespoke content for fans.

After taking their 20% cut, your balance gets paid automatically into your designated bank account on a weekly basis. You will be able to track these payments through their your personalised account statement dashboard.

Smart Tip: Use your savings account or a different account you don’t use very often to see your money grow. Spending every weekly payout as you receive them won’t be the same as seeing a monthly balance of £2000 in your account!

OnlyFans Marketing 101

My top 10 Great tips to help you make a killing on OnlyFans:

1. Set A Reasonable Subscription Fee - Anything between $8.99 - $15.99 is what I’d consider reasonable. Too high and you might not get enough repeat subscribers, too low and you might be 'underselling' yourself. 100 subscribers at $10 ($1000) is better that 10 subscribers at $30 ($300)!

2. Caption Well - Use a great alluring description in your bio and in all your post to entice fans to subscribe. Don't forget that your account content is locked to non-subscribers and the only thing visible are your captions. Emoji's are quite effective at doing this 🍆👅😈

3. Invest regularly in sexy lingerie and toys - Your fans always more.

4. Upload Regular Quality Content - A mixture of amateur and professional style of photo & video contents work best.

5. Pay per View Messaging - Sell your more revealing/explicit content using the PPV option.

6. Collabation - Work with other models for shoutout exchanges and to create new unique contents together for your fans.

7. Sell Sell Sell - Use OnlyFans to demonstrate your prowess in other services you offer outside of OnlyFans.

8. Make Connection - Make your fans feel special by connecting with them. You should always aim to reply back to their messages and comments.

9. Play Dirty - Research other girls killing it on OnlyFans by following their Twitter & Instagram accounts. This will show you how they marketing to their fans.

10. Expansion - Expansion is key to success in business. You should do the same by considering using other platforms like Patron for extra content reach.

The No1 Secret To Retain Monthly Subscription


- Not all your fans will subscribe (people like free s**t).

- Not all your subscribed fans will resubscribe every month (someone else has 'stolen’ your fan).

Retaining your fans on a monthly basis is the holy-grail to achieving the “Killer” status on OnlyFans. Once a fan subscribes, it should be your ultimate goal to retain such fan on a month to month basis.

Here’s a quick maths to demonstrate why:

- Newly Subscribed Fan + Retained Subscribed Fan = 💰💰💰💰💰

- Newly Subscribed Fan + No Retained Subscribed Fan = 💰💰

Over time, we have worked out the no1 secret to achieving this ultimate goal of subscriber retention month after month when used in combination with the tips mentioned above. To gain access to this formula for free, simply Click Here.

The Do Not's

Don’t add your OnlyFans link to your Instagram bio. A lot of Instagram profiles get taken down daily by Instagram Bots when you add a link directly in your bio.

Use services such as Bitly or LinkTree instead. Beware that rumours has it that constantly mentioning OnlyFans or requesting payments in your DM can also result in your account being deleted.

Don’t ignore OnlyFans T&C’s which includes not promoting or advertising escort services to avoid getting deleted and loosing your earnings.

Don’t give out or share your password (even with your partner). Unless you want your account getting deleted when they’re upset with you!

Don’t worry about what people say or think. People like to talk anyway!

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