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My Sexy Photo Shoot by The Glamour Photographer provides top sexy photo shoot services such as Glamour Photography, Glamour Videography, Photo Retouching, Glamour Hair/Makeup, Styling, Photo Shoot Location and Preparation - all for an affordable cost in and around areas in Liverpool.

MSP caters to areas in Liverpool such as Vauxhall, Kensington, Kirkdale, Aigburth and Fairfield. Glamour photography is an art and when it’s done right by an experienced photographer with 10+ experience in the glamour photography field; it can open many doors of opportunities for people in the glamour and adult entertainment industry.

Glamour photography is versatile and creative. The world of glamour industry can sometimes be daunting and intimidating - especially if you’re working with a photographer who does not specialise in this particular field. An experienced glamour photographer will make you feel at ease from start to finish. You will be directed with poses if necessary and the main goal of every glamour photo shoot is capturing a your absolute potential through the camera lens and enhancing their sexiness.

My Sexy Photo Shoot can be provided for your portfolio whether you’re a model, stripper, escort, adult entertainer, ring girl, calendar model, cam girl, exotic dancer or simply in need of sexy photographs of yourself for your partner. Glamour photography is diverse and sexy photo shoots can be catered specifically to meet each individual/ businesses’ special requests/needs.

Upon arrival, you will be treated with respect and pampered will a full make over including hair, makeup and styling (inclusive with your package at an affordable cost).

Glamour Videography in Liverpool

With the rise of ever growing online demographic and social media influence; it is granted that good premium glamour photography can open you up to various opportunities. However, the impact a glamour videography has on your online presence will be on an even greater level. Your success rate will dramatically increase with a high quality erotic glamour videography.

Intensify your closeness and intimacy with your audience. Whether it’s for an audition, an adult videography for websites/escorting agencies, glamour films or for your private membership subscription websites catered just for your fans (i.e OnlyFans, Patreon etc) - glamour videography can be filmed in high quality with immense professionalism, pleasing and fulfilling the needs of your audience. Glamour Videography will also help you outreach and influence respectable clients on a wider scale which you may not have been able to do with just photographs.

As an all rounded glamour photographer and videographer, who has been professionally working within the glamour industry for several years; photographing diverse clients from all over the country and internationally, it has been abundantly clear the importance of high quality glamour photography and videography in furthering one’s career within the adult entertainment industry.

In case of discreet demands/request with private studio/location shoots - your demands can be fulfilled with no hesitation.

Liverpool Photo Shoot Location

City centre luxurious apartment with a choice of colour themmed interiors.

Our full services

Glamour Photography

Sexy photography on location or studio perfect for personal or work use. Open yourself to opportunities, be the sexy symbol you deserve to be or attract respectable clients and earn their respect by always putting your best shoots forward. The quality of your photographs depends on the photographer so it’s vital for you to select your photographer wisely. Read More

Sexy Videography

Upscale the level of intimacy through a high-resolution glamour videography exclusively for your personal use or followers. In the era of ever growing social media users, it’s vital to keep yourself engaged and connected with your audience on social media platforms. A glamour video shoot conveys a stronger level of intimacy and enjoyment for your audience. Read More

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is an essential post production service that is done all over social media/magazines in order to enhance your beauty and not conceal it. Things such as, skin airbrushing, teeth whitening, even skin tone, breast enlargement, Brazillian butt lift, tattoos/scars/moles/blemishes removal can be provided to all clients for an affordable cost. Read More

Make-up & Hair Styling

The importance of a professional hair/makeup artist for any glamour photo shoot should not be taken lightly. Professional hair/make up artists know exactly what to do when it comes to enhancing your beauty with the right make up and hairstyle. Upon booking your sexy photo shoot, a professional Glamour Make-up and Hair Stylist withover 8+ experience will be provided. Read More

Outfit Styling

A  stylist can help you with the right outfits that will help accentuate your beautiful assets. If you have a theme or a character that you wish to play during your glamour photo shoot, a stylist can offer you various suggestions and ways you can execute the vision and the fantasy you have in your mind. What better way to let your alter ego out to play?  Read More

Website & SEO

Your website will not only look beautiful and be easy to navigate, we will also ensure that it can be found in all search engines for your requested 'search words'. Using industry standard codes, your website will be fully optimised to appear at the forefront of your customers with a functional mobile version. Read More