Glamour Photo & Video Shoot Preparation

Glamour Photo & Video Shoot Preparation

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Your Glamour Photo & Video Shoot Preparation

As an experienced glamour photographer, you will be guided through the whole process from start to end to ensure you feel sexy, confident and glamorous. By opting in for a package deal, you will receive a complimentary hair and makeup by a professional stylist. All you have to do is come prepared for your photo shoot 5 minutes early or no later than your booked photo shoot appointment.

Prior to your glamour photo shoot, you may follow the steps below as preparation for your photo shoot:

Outfit: Make sure that you have a variety of lingerie/outfits that you can wear during your photoshoot and don’t be afraid to be versatile. Go lingerie shopping and try your outfits a few times prior to your shoot to ensure that they fit. Pick outfits that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and confident. It is also vital to remember to cut the brand's labels/tags off your lingeries for your photo shoot (especially if the label shows right through your lace/mesh fabric).

It’s best to avoid heavily printed outfits/lingerie as this can be distracting and attention-grabbing. You want your sexy body to be the main focus during your photo shoot. Instead of printed outfits, you can be versatile with your fabric choice and design - materials like silk, mesh, lace etc can be very seductive/provocative. However, if you do wish to bring some patterned outfits then do not hesitate to do so.

Hair: Ensure that your hair is washed the night before and in good condition for styling during your photo shoot. If needed, prepare yourself by touching up on your roots/hair colour and getting a fresh hair cut prior to your photo shoot. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a photo shoot with unprepared hair -this makes it harder for the hair stylist to style you hair and achieve the hairstyle you desire.

Nails: Get a manicure and a pedicure a few days prior to your photo shoot. The last thing you want is to ruin your close up shots with your untrimmed/chipped nails. You need your hands and feet to look clean and groomed. Don’t forget about those barefoot shots that might be taking during the shoot.

Skin: Exfoliate your skin to get rid of any dead skin cells that might get captured in your photos. If you need to wax, make sure you do this 2-3 days prior to avoid your skin being red during your photo shoot. If shaving yourself, be careful and avoid making any cuts on your skin. Have your tan done professional or use a sun-bed for an even professional finish. Tan streaks on shoots are never a great look!

Drink water & eat healthy: Drinking water and eating healthy isn’t just about the physical benefits but also about mental health benefits. When you feed your body with good nutrition, you tend to feel good internally and externally. It’s important to take care of your body and health as this preparation method will give you the confidence and the fuel to completely enjoy your glamour photo shoot without any insecurity.

Mental health: Make sure you’re in a good mental state leading up to your sultry glamour photo shoot. Surround yourself with good positive people, treat your body with great care and pamper yourself. Upon arrival for your photo shoot, you will be made to feel welcomed from start to finish so leave all your doubts behind and be prepared to enjoy your glamour photo shoot.

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